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NCD Zeolites | 2.4mg, 90 servings

Natural Cellular Defense: Activated Zeolites

Zeolites are naturally occurring, negatively charged minerals, with a unique crystalline structure. Zeolite is formed from the fusion of volcanic lava and ocean water. It has been used for 800 years throughout Asia as a traditional remedy to promote overall health and well-being. It has also undergone 13 years of pharmaceutical research in the U.S. on humans. Zeolite is included on the Food and Drug Administration’s GRAS list (generally recognized as safe) and thus is considered to be “completely safe.” Zeolite acts by trapping pre-virus components, preventing the replication of viruses and their ability to make us sick. In this way, zeolite may play an important role as a broad-spectrum antiviral. Viruses are produced in parts, like on a production line, at the end of which the virus is fully constructed. Zeolite absorbs viral parts into the pores of the micronized zeolite aggregates thus blocking the proliferation of many different viral infections.

There is only one contraindication: Natural Cellular Defense is contraindicated for anyone taking a medication containing heavy metals (such as lithium) or platinum (which is found in some cancer medications). It may remove from the body supplemental lithium and the chemotherapy agents cisplatin and carboplatin, both of which contain platinum. It appears to be safe to begin or resume taking Natural Cellular Defense three days after using cisplatin and carboplatin, and it can be used while taking other chemotherapy drugs. If you wish to use Natural Cellular Defense while taking lithium, or these chemotherapy drugs, consult your physician.


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