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Ketone Ester & Ketone Salt Blend (KE1) | 60ml

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KetoneAid's NEW KE1 drink.

100% All Natural and 100% Bioavailable D-BHB.

Caffeine Free, Zero Carbs.

This formula is "pleasant" and each bottle contains 5g of KetoneAid's BioBHB(tm) Ketones, similar to 10ml of KE4 (compare),  

  • 50% D-Ketone Ester (2.5g)
  • 25% D-BHB Ketone Free Acid (1.25g)
  • 25% D-BHB Ketone Salt (1.25g)
    • Sodium 143mg
    • Potassium 143 mg
    • Magnesium 59mg
    • Calcium 39mg
    • (note this is 80% less total salt versus most ketone salts)

Other ingredients: monk fruit, malic acid, citric acid, natural flavors, potassium sorbate. (no stevia, no taurine)


Even if you don't like Ketone Salts (see Salts vs Esters video), that likely was due to the massive salt load. With KE1 expect no bloating, nor GI issues. 

This product is, for the most part, for those can't take the strong taste of KE4 and a more convenient ready to drink bottle.  Some people get both.

Select athletes may prefer this drink because of the extra salt. We have frequently advocated that athletes increase their salt consumption while using KE4, now with KE1, it includes the salt.

The cost per gram of active ketones is a little higher than KE4.